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Tickle Us

The Veil Weavers

Veil of Magic Book III

A Dying World

A Magical Gathering

A Desperate Journey

The veil is torn and it's not healing. Magic is leaking out of the magical world, and the creatures who live there are dying.

Keeper, the giant of Castle Mountain, calls a Gathering to find an answer. He invites two human kids to help; Josh has magical powers of his own, and his sister Maddy can see through illusions.

They have one clue. The Veil was woven long ago by the Ancient Ones. A few of them remain, living on a distant mountain. Maybe they can tell Josh what to do. But will it cost Josh his life?


From Storm Mountain Lodge, an old hunting lodge in Banff Park, you can see north to Castle Mountain, and south to the Rockwall. When I was planning this story, I decided to set it right in the mountains I love the most. This meant I needed to visit more often than I usually would, to research the locations and watch the changes of late fall. It's a tough life, being a writer


Free Previews

The Otter People [1:43]
On the Porch [2:10]
The Gathering [2:17]


Selected for the 2014 Canadian Toy Testing Council's Great Books list.

"Magic, suspense and adventure. This fantasy book quickly engages young readers and holds them throughout. Though it is the third in a series, readers do not have to have read the previous books to be able to follow and enjoy this one. Readers especially enjoy the fanciful creatures and brave characters."



"Intriguing characters, from an affectionate little crow to a buffalo who likes to sing to magical spiders and a terrifying ochre monster intent upon destroying humans, and a fast-paced plot that balanced fear and tension with moments of humour and joy, The Veil Weavers is bound to captivate young readers of fantasy from Grade 4."



"Maureen's work is of a consistently high standard and every book so far has been a deeply satisfying read."

Rona Altrows, Author


"...a fantastical story about friendship, responsibility and bravery."

SPG Book Review


"As an adult, I am especially pleased to see a fantasy series with a Canadian setting, including such spots as Castle Mountain, Marble Canyon, and the Paint Pots."

Prairie Fire


"The Veil Weavers, the third and concluding story in the Veil of Magic trilogy, is an exciting ending to a truly Canadian story that has a familiar setting and a cast of characters familiar to any Canadian child."

CM Magazine

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