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Crow Boy

Veil of Magic Book II

"Aleena! You damage our world! You must give back the nexus ring!"

She turned, cold and pale as the glacier. "I do what I want. I am not concerned with consequences!"

When Aleena regains the nexus ring, Josh and Maddy must stay with her, to reclaim it for Keeper, the Giant at Castle Mountain. With Gronvald the troll close behind, can Josh go deep enough into magic to protect the magic world? And if he does, will he be able to return?


Josh is one of those characters who drives you to explore with him. In Crow Boy his interests expand deeper into magic, the nature of the veil between the worlds and the power of the nexus ring. Of course he gets into trouble. Aleena and Gronvald still desperately want the nexus ring, and Maddy is as determined as ever. I had a lot of fun following Josh and Maddy on their latest adventure; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Free Previews

Corvus [1:43]
The Ring [1:55]
Being Water [1:27]



Honour Book for the 2011 Paterson Prize for Books for Young People



"Readers will once again be fascinated by a world of magic endangered by the movement between the human world and the magical realm."

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"Interesting details... Banff Springs snails, global warming, and a respect for other creatures and the environment"

Prairie Fire


"Crow Boy is an easy to read chapter book as well as a great introduction to the conventions of a fantasy adventure."

CM Magazine

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