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  • Maureen Bush

After many years and many delays, I have a new website. I finally have a way to include information on my writing for adults, in addition to my books for kids. All the photos are mine (except book covers, of course). Many thanks to my daughter Lia Harding for listening carefully to what I wanted (simple, clean, with all the old content), working with my unable-to-focus-on-anything-technical-thanks-to-covid brain, and creating something I love. She even managed to include buffalo singing.

  • Maureen Bush

I'm one of 20 contributors to discussions about life after spiritual awakening, What's Awakening Really Like, by Marianne Broug.

"What's awakening really like in a world of supermarkets, messy relationships, work and global challenges? So often our only accounts of life after awakening come from spiritual teachers or gurus. This book shines an intimate light into the lives of 20 ordinary people from all over the world who have awoken to their True Nature."

  • Maureen Bush

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I’m thrilled to have a copy of the anthology You Look Good For Your Age, by Rona Altrows, University of Alberta Press. I have a short essay in it, on spirituality and aging, my first published writing for adults. It’s delightful to hold the book, to scan the Table of Contents, to ponder what to read first.


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