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The Nexus Ring

Veil of Magic Book I

A Green Ring

A Strange Journey
An Adventure at Castle Mountain

Josh and his sister Maddy are going home to Calgary with their parents, after a holiday on Vancouver Island. On the ferry, Maddy buys a pretty ring as a souvenir. But it's no ordinary ring. Two other people want it. Two dangerous people. Gronvald and Aleena. If they really are people.

Josh and Maddy pass through a veil of magic and learn the true meaning of the ring. But how can they protect it?

Take a journey through the veil of magic.


I made up a game for my kids when were we driving home to Calgary from Vancouver Island, after visiting my mom. I said, "Let's pretend there are veils of mist we have to cross to get home. The first one is on the ferry, and if we don't have the right magic, we can't get off the ferry."

The kids found the magic in the gift shop— a pen with a ferry inside that floated back and forth, and a small jade ring.

The story grew as we travelled. We found a wonderful place for a troll to sit, in a huge stump at Bridal Veil falls. We'd already decided a giant must live at Castle Mountain. Eventually, I started to think about what would happen if there really were giants and trolls and veils of magic.


Free Previews

Abandoned [1:46]
A Troll [1:17]
Magic is Real [1:13]
Give Me the Ring [1:51]


Selected for the 2008 Best Books for Kids and Teens list by the Canadian Children's Book Centre

Nominated for the 2009 Diamond Willow Award (Saskatchewan Reader's Choice Award)



"In this totally charming fantasy meant for the younger child who can read beyond chapter books, two children have a magical adventure."

CM Magazine


"Calgarian Maureen Bush makes a great debut with a fantastic tale of magic and family."

Calgary Herald


"The Nexus Ring (Veil of Magic: Book I) by Alberta writer Maureen Bush is a fantasy for young readers from about grades three to five, but one with a definite Canadian setting."

Prairie Fire


"Maureen Bush expertly crafts a world where children become heroes that fluidly shifts between reality and imagination."

Saskatchewan Publishers Group

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