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  • Maureen Bush

Winter Hibernation

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Our snow is formidably deep, and the Christmas tree is stuffed into a snowbank. When it falls over as the snow melts, that’ll be spring.

In the meantime, we light candles, and go snowshoeing, and light a fire some nights, and enjoy the sun on the clear days.

I’ve hung birdfeeders in the garden, and battle with the squirrels, desperate to get what they think is their share (all of it), vs what I think is their share (whatever leftovers fall to the ground). We have a new winner every day.

Birds fight for their share, too: pigeons and magpies of course, and a lovely big flicker and little woodpeckers with red tufts on their heads, sparrows and chickadees and redpolls. I think bunnies are coming at night, leaving little gifts as they forage under the birdfeeders. Well, I shouldn’t really call them bunnies. When they hop away we see how incredibly long they are.

And I wait for the days to lengthen, and page through a gardening catalogue, dreaming of spring.


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