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  • Maureen Bush

Meditating in the Garden

I’ve been working on some writing projects – or rather, the working is happening. I don’t know the words for this – only that’s it’s not my drive, but being driven. When it’s time to work on a particular project, I do. When it’s not, I don’t. There’s a great simplicity to this, when I can relax into it.

I’m having the most fun with a project on meditating in the garden, which emerged from my love of gardening and meditation. I’m writing about the garden as a place and a focus for mindfulness meditation.

I’ve written a series of short pieces, each paired with a photo I took in my garden. I decided to  exclude anything taken elsewhere, which means I had to pull a photo I’d intended to use and forgotten where it was taken. This is one of my challenges – to keep the project totally within my own garden.

I wrote most of it late last year, in three days of scribbling out scrappy notes. “Oh, I could write about this, and this, and this.” The photography took off last June, when I looked into the garden early one morning and saw sunlight backlighting a peony, grabbed my camera and started shooting. Somehow I see light differently now.

This project has emerged from the spiritual shift, and seems to be directing itself. I follow along, enjoying the ride.


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