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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

It’s time to conclude the contest for howweirdcanyouget.com. Griffith, the wizard who owns the site, asked for magical ideas. For the best idea, he offered a leather-bound book for recording spells, and a signed copy of Feather Brain, as a reminder of how magic can go wrong.

The contest entries were wonderful – imaginative and funny and sometimes a little scary. It was a blast reading them, and really hard to chose the winner. Special thanks to the kids from Teresa’s class at Keeler School, who sent so many great ideas.

Perhaps the most practical entry came from an adult named Mark (okay, my husband) – a “Do Over” button for undoing and fixing mistakes. This was not unlike a Time Machine for Mistakes, to go back and fix mistakes. Other useful ideas included several for making clones – wouldn’t it be useful to have a clone to do your homework and clean your room? Some entries were mini-stories, from future writers of fiction.

Griffith has chosen his favorite ideas to experiment with, and try to bring into development:

Caitlin’s Turn Yourself Into a Mermaid, and if that fails, Yoan’s Turning Humans Into Fish;

Luny’s Time Machine for Mistakes – to go back to fix mistakes; Taylor’s Magic Dino Digger, a lustering potion for finding dinosaur bones; Jayden’s Copy People’s Voices – to make yourself sound like another person of your choice; and Josh’s Make Toys Come to Life.

The first runner up:

Turning into a mermaid! by Caitlin (Age 9)

1kg-Cream soda 3 hairs-of a child at the age of six 10ml-of tears from an adult. 10 scales from a fish. 5 small pieces of cloth. In a medium pot, stir all the ingredients together until well mixed. Cook at 350 degrees celsius for half an hour. Take the  pot off and set aside to cool. When cooled put into bowls and serve. The spell lasts 2 days, so make sure you are back on land before that time or you will drown. (should serve 5 people)

And the winner is:

The Weather Spell by Fiona (Age 9)

The weather spell creates the weather. You could make any kind of weather by saying,  “Weather!” and say what it is.  Here’s the example: “Weather – snow!” and it snows.

The ingredients are, snow, rain, grass, flowers, and the last  ingredients are the moon and the stars. Mix them in a pot and put your hand in it.

It works by saying “Weather, weather come to me!” and all weather will be yours. And everyday you need to dip your hands in the pot. This means that you need to save the ingredients in the pot. It works in a dark , dark place and it needs to be a place that you are scared of.

Warning: If some one sees your pot with the ingredients, you will disappear forever.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep watch – I may have another contest in the fall.


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